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 My writing, YouTube, and Internet presence are working towards reaching as many women as possible. I want to share my life experience and professional knowledge to help illustrate that everyone is beautiful, important, and special in their own way. We all deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. It is my goal to help bring out the unique qualities in every woman interested in growth and change. Please check out my blog.

Embellish Home Life

Embellish Home Life

Embellish Home Life is my other website and YouTube channel that covers all aspects of home, decor, DIY, family, and house related topics.  I will cover everything home and house here... Including the kitchen sink ;-)

Pretty Rugged

Pretty Rugged

You got it; another website and YouTube channel.  Pretty Rugged follows my husband and I on our quest for a healthy/fit lifestyle.  We will cover healthy eating, gluten-free & chemical-free lifestyle, and outdoor living.  This will include, hiking, travel, camping, skiing, ranching, clean cooking, and many other "rugged" activities.  If this is your thing or if you would just like to laugh at us trying; come and check out my Pretty Rugged site and channel. 

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Heidi Grady

My goal for Embellish Life is to have a place that women can share, no matter where they are in life.  

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

Enjoy all the photos of my projects, fashion picks, beauty tricks, and lifestyle moments. Use them for a how-to guide, inspiration, motivation, and creative muse.

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I am encouraged when I can help guide individuals closer to their goals. I find pleasure in seeing women discover their personal strengths and unfold their inner-beauty, as well as helping them enhance their health, wellness, and personal style.


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